Tan is the new Green

Water Restrictions
Danville Livery has always taken great pride in our beautiful landscapes and wonderful gardens. Our English Gardens and Green Grassy Pathways have now taken on a more tan and stark look due to the serious drought facing California. Our lawns are tan, but groomed; clean, and not forgotten. We have taken great pride in keeping the grounds as clean and tidy as possible. The mandatory water restrictions have affected the overall look of the property, as the Livery is taking corrective measures to ensure we are staying GREEN while attempting to keep our grounds beautiful for our guests.
With new soil surfactants, the property is working to hold water and move it through soil and break up the tension. The ground is hard and difficult to penetrate. We offer up the following ideas to our neighbors and friends:
1. Water two days per week with no runoff.
2. Water before 9am or after 6pm.
3. No watering if there is rainfall within 48 hours.
4. Use only hoses with a shutoff nozzle to wash vehicles.
5. Turn off fountains or decorative water features unless the water is recirculated.
6. Use of hydrant water outside the EBMUD service area is prohibited.
7. Use a broom or air blower, not water, to clean hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks, except as needed for health and safety purposes.
The Danville Livery is sharing this with the community in order to keep everyone on track and understand the severity of the drought. If anyone sees abuse of the water restrictions they are encouraged to contact EBMUD at (866) 403-2683.